I’ll suspend my cynicism for a moment and assume that Valentine’s Day really is all about celebrating love. Even so, why would you save up all of your sentiments and hard-earned cash and blow the entire wad on a single day? I say, spread the love around during the rest of the year too!
These darling Sweet Notes from Turtle Papers make it easy. At just $15 for a tin of 20, they’re not as extravagant as a dozen long-stemmed roses or as enticing as a tin of truffles. But when you slip one into a briefcase or a lunch box on the 14th–or frankly, any date thereafter–the thought may count even more. With no pre-printed poetry inside, your sweetheart will have no doubt that the words you inscribe inside come straight from the heart.
Roses die. But a good love letter, that’s immortal. –Julie [via shelterrific]


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