I go by that old shopping adage that if you’re unsure about something, walk away; if you’re still thinking about it the next week, it was meant to be. (I also sometimes go by the adage, what the hell, it’s only money, but that’s between me and my creditors.)
That’s just what happened when I first encountered the gorgeous French designs of Petit Pan at a local boutique. For days afterwards, visions of their luscious floral kimono jackets draped over my daughter’s little shoulders were all I could see. Thankfully, I tracked them down at Nonchalant Mom, an impeccably cultivated online shop run by mom Carina Schott. Yippee!
They come in four spectacular fabrics, one all-cotton and three with an inner-lining for extra warmth. Stylish kids up to age 8 will be lucky to have one of these to run around when the thermometer cracks freezing.Splurgey? Absolutely. Joy-inducing? Without a doubt. -Liz


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