When I had my first child, the hospital sent me home with this pastel green diaper bag with little Peter Rabbits all over it. It was cute. Really. It was. However, getting the husband to carry it without complaining–well you can only imagine.
That is why I love the Dad’s Baby Bag from Passchal, makers of awesome handcrafted bags from recycled materials. It’s black and tough looking and might even fool someone into thinking Daddy is lugging something far more manly than rash cream.
So what’s it recycled from? Truck tire inner tubes. Cool! Plus it’s trimmed in high quality black hemp, and finished off with a seat-belt looking strap, all of which screams this is for a man! The innards are guy-friendly as well, with cell phone and ipod pockets to compliment the standard bottle and diaper flaps.
It’s not to say I wouldn’t tote the Dad’s Baby Bag around myself, but I’m certain my husband would carry this bag with nary a complaint and that’s what we’re shooting for here. Because seriously, one fussypants in the family is enough. –Izzy[thanks, christina!]

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