I simply can’t say enough about HandCrafting Justice, a partnership in which women from developing countries have an opportunity to better their lives by making and selling handmade items under decent working conditions for fair wages. The organization absolutely stole my heart with their mission of economic justice for women – to say nothing of the fantastic items they offer on the website. From indigenous art to clothing, toys, linens, and much more, it’s hard to even know where to begin. So let’s begin with the kids: The handmade doctor’s kit is way better than anything off the local chain store shelves, as is the ABC wall hanging that comes with 26 little toys, one for each letter. And the handsewn rabbit family that comes in their own little zippered carrot? Irresistible.
As for mama, I’ve got my eye on the funky hand-appliqued rooster pillow cover and the very cute hemp tote bag which, at just $20, I can justify without a drop of guilt.

Personally, I plan on going to the HandCrafting Justice site and looking around the next time I need to buy a present. These really are the kind of gifts that keeps on giving. –Izzy[thanks, cathy!]


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