If Patrick Dempsey likes a particular crib or Courteney Cox is enamored with her new sling, I’m more than delighted for them. Really. But a celeb endorsement just doesn’t weigh too heavily in my opinion of a product. However when I hear that there’s a kids’ album out by the preschool music teacher for all of Beverly Hills–okay, I’ve got to admit I stop and take note.
Parker Bent’s second release, Charlie Davidson’s Tricycle Club definitely gives you one more reason to be jealous of the best-known zip code in the nation. All fourteen of Parker’s easy, upbeat, rock-influenced melodies will have you and your kids singing along by the second listen. The tunes are fun but never sappy, and cool without trying hard.
I love original tracks like My Little Big Brother ("We grew like weeds and he stopped but not me") but I especially grinned through his rendition of Old McDonald’s farm ("It was a really cool farm") which will have your children envisioning the old guy jamming out in the silo while he oversees acres of drums and electric guitars instead of the same old chickens.
The best part about the CD? It’s like getting full access to Parker Bent without even paying 90210 taxes. Just click over to CD Baby to hear samples and then make sure to get your hands on your own copy. –Liz


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