I am what you might call a classic mom when it comes to accessorizing. It’s easier to wear the same pair of diamond studs every day than to navigate the continuum between tasteful, trendy, and tacky. Boring? Guilty as charged. Nabi Design may just coax me out of my jewelry funk. Dedicated to creating unique yet wearable artisan jewelry, their pieces are modern without being trendy, understated without being dull, and delicately elegant. The versatility of pieces such as the silver Dragonfly Earrings or the Azulia Gold Hoops shown here – pair either with jeans or swanky cocktail attire- make them a perfect fit for accessory avoiders like me. Now that I’ve found the perfect jewelry, let’s see if I can find a babysitter so that I can go out and show it off. –Julie [via outblush]


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