One of the great benefits of breastfeeding is that you don’t need to remember to pack your boobs when you head out with the baby. But once you’re onto bottles–whether filled with formula, breast milk or soy (no discrimination here)–you start filling up those limited postpartum brain cells with info like what to bring with you, and how to keep it all cool during the day.That’s why I’m loving the new triple bottle bag from CMP ultra fave, Skip*Hop. The simple yet sleek bag lined with thinsulate carries three bottles and can be worn on your shoulder, back, or wrist with just a few simple adjustments. And in true Skip*Hop fashion (or is it function?), you can alsoclip it onto your stroller. Plus if you use your diaper bag for anything and everything like most women, there’s something to be said for keeping potentially leaky bottles in a safe place far, far away from it all.One more benefit? That much more space in your diaper bag where the bottles used to be. I’m thinking new shoes? -Kristen


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