I’ve groused before about the practice of sending thank you notes that are supposedly written by the baby. I know it’s intended to be cute, but it induces involuntary eyerolls in me.
Canopy Cards however gets it right. These thank you notes from newborns had me howling – in a good way. They look perfectly sweet on the outside. Then on the inside you find lines like What a gift! I’d jump for joy if I could. As it is, I’ll just lie here. You understand and What are you doing in 16 years? I want to go shopping with you. You have great taste. So you can see why I’d be happy to get one of these from a baby. Even if you don’t have one on the way yourself, these 6-packs of notes make a fantastic shower gift.
Best of all, your sleep-deprived mind doesn’t have to strain to think of a funny quip for each note you write. Just gush away. But please – do sign your own name. –Julie [thanks, liz!]


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