We have seen any number of ways to incorporate your kids’ photo into gifts – mugs, keychains, jewelry, purses. But now I think we’ve unearthed something that tops them all: Alcohol.
Yes, you too can splash your children’s sweet, underage faces across a bottle of booze via Picture My Wine. Just upload your photo, craft a message, and choose from selections including a Sonoma County Chardonnay, a Paso Robles 2002 Cab, or even a North Coast Private Reserve 2001 Brut Champagne. Whether the wine is decent or not is almost besides the point, isn’t it? (Don’t worry, they are.) Serve it at that Bar Mitzvah blowout you’re planning, or give them out as a super adult parting gift at your next family reunion. Of course the end product is only as tasteful as the photo you upload. Find an artful black & white instead of an unfocused snapshot from that Funsaver. If it looks blurry after you’ve consumed the bottle, well that’s something else entirely. –LizNB: A few states are like, noooo we don’t want you to buy wine online. Check here to make sure yours isn’t one of them.


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