Now that Spring is here (okay, so it’s still freezing out; minor technicality.) I’m ready to get a little girlier with my daughter’s wardrobe. Is there anything cuter than little girls in sweet little dresses, with their bare, chubby knees poking out just below? The only thing that can possibly ruin the photo op is a glimpse of Cookie Monster stamped onto a pair of saggy size 4 Cruisers.
Enter the mom-run Full-Bloom Girls makers of modern bloomers so cute, you won’t even mind if your daughter ends up with her skirt over her head at the bottom of the slide. The very nicely crafted handmade diaper covers run the gamut from funky pink cammo prints and mod butterflies to sweet ginghams–even "formal" satin ones trimmed with lace for those dressier butt-baring ocassions.
A great selection is available at Lil Sweet Boutique or at Confetti Kidz in 2T-4T. Any older than that and maybe it’s time to start shopping for longer dresses. –Liz


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