I am not a DIY-er, crafter, Martha-in-training, or whatever you want to call people who have the genius ability to make things that don’t look, well, like they made them. This is not a big deal until my own mother gets on the phone and tells me to “make her something” for Mother’s Day. And I don’t think she’s referring to the new grandbaby on the way.

So trust me when I tell you that the custom photo books at Shutterfly solve both of my problems – they’re easy and nice looking and totally fun to put together. I should know; I spent the better part of the afternoon doing one. Plus only the most soulless of grandmas could resist a personalized album created especially for her.

If you’re not feeling effusive, skip the blank book templates and check out the new Celebrate Mom Book, with its appropriately gushy prompts on each page like “You are special because…” which allow you to use your photos to fill in the rest.

Order by May 2, and they’ll have it in time for Mother’s Day with no additional shipping charges. Then just sit back with your feet up and wait for that teary call from Grandma that you were hoping for all along.