As adorable as they generally are, kids can be an assault on the senses. Their rooms are littered with plastic toys, most of which emit ear-splitting sounds and require daily battery changes, and their walls are painted with rainbows and clowns and construction equipment. Is it any wonder that the darlings have trouble falling asleep in there?
I love the new crib bedding sets from Area Linen Shop because they’re just plain simple and soothing. Delicately embroidered sateen bumpers, skirts and crib sheets (like pink globe shown here) make a little one’s bedroom an inviting place to actually go to bed.
Granted, the price tag is on the higher side. But if you return a few of those loud, plastic, battery-eating toys, it’s actually quite manageable. And the value of a baby who sleeps through the night? Priceless. –Julie


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