As far as I’m concerned, one of the best parts about being the grown up in the house involves the simple fact that I can write whatever I’d like on the walls if I so choose.
Wonderful Graffiti makes it easy enough for a cool but decidedly non-artistic mom (i.e. stenciling is so out of the question) to create a grown-up masterpiece in her kid’s room, or pretty much anywhere for that matter. Specify what you want, and you’ll get back a kit that’s as easy to apply and remove as Post-it Notes. That is, if Post-it Notes were made from extremely thin vinyl.
I recently ordered a custom design, which couldn’t have been easier to create, but there are tons of excellent premade options ready to go, like Dr. Seuss shown here, quotes for the kids’ room, and monograms, if you want to spell your son’s name over the crib without fear of a big wooden J clunking him on the head in the night.
In the end, this graffiti is a no-harm, no-foul venture, because I know I won’t damage the walls. And can I say the same thing about other members of my family? Um, no. -Laura
[thanks, leigh ann]


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