Sometimes when we hear about a latest/greatest/hottest new kids product we try it out and it really isn’t all that. (Snap, snap.) I know this is hard to believe–brace yourselves–but just because Courtney Cox-Arquette was given something for free doesn’t necessarily make it awesome.
However occasionally baby gear does live up to the hype, and that’s just want we found with the PortaMEe.
The PortaMEe is a super cool new hip carrier that really does merge form with function. From a style standpoint this thing is rocking, with modern color combos, sleek paratrooper-quality nylon and leather trim. But it’s the highly thoughtful design that makes this one for the Bugaboo/Stokke/Svan fans out there.

The very clever orthopedic lumbar support cum weight belt nearly sold me on its own, since it shifts the burden of your 12 to 35 pound (oof) baby from your aching shoulders to your more capable lower back. It’s also insanely comfortable with plenty of padding and a honeycomb gel-filled shoulder strap–none of those cheap foam inserts here.
Plus there are all these great little pouches for keeping keys, money, and binkies close at hand, and you can upgrade with optional snap-on accessories like an insulated bottle holder and waterproof hooded cape. In other words, leave the diaper bag at home for a change. Whoo!
Expensive? Hell yes. It’s 198 bucks. But in this case, you indeed get what you pay for. And I mean a really great carrier, not some useless status item.
If it just came with the figure of the "mom" wearing it on their website I’d be all set. –Liz


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