At 8 months pregnant, yoga still does wonders for my body and mind. Unfortunately, it’s a little tough on my ego, what with the the evil combo of giant maternity underwear and low-rise yoga pants, creating a peep show of the worst kind for those behind me in class.
Then I came across Yogini Style, a website featuring a selection of adorable and inventive yoga gear including, miraculously, a maternity line designed with the delicate "preggo ego" in mind.
The tanks are extra long and keep your bra straps (along with the actual contents of your bra) covered. Even better, the brilliant ladies behind the company have designed great-fitting, peek-a-boo proof Yogasmart pants that feature built-in panties secured around the waistband. So no matter which way you bend or stretch, there’s absolutely no peep show.
I can hear my classmates’ sighs of relief already. –Tina


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