It took me all of 20 minutes to run screaming out of Babies R Us while attempting to put together my registry. If only I had a bit ofguidance–and a trust fund–to help me navigate my way through baby preparations, I would have surely relied on one off the two amazing if indulgent mom services we’ve recently uncovered. The Baby Planners, founded by moms Ellie Miller and Melissa Gould, is an LA-based company that consults with overwhelmed expectant parents, particularly those workaholic types with no time to sleep let alone research nursing bras. They’ll do everything (really) for you from helping you pick the best baby products, to creating and sending out birth announcements, tracking down a four-star pediatrician, even having your car seat professionally installed.Similarly, Portland mom Melissa Moog of Itsabelly Baby Concierge will assist you in getting ready for the world’s biggest life change, with an emphasis on "green"-ing up your baby’s room and layette, andbabyproofing your house. She’ll even help you design the nursery of your dreams, shop with you for maternitywear that looks halfway decent, find you the hottest prenatal yoga classes, and offer postpartum meal planning options–you know, if your cook is on vacation.
If you’re not in LA or Portland you can fly these ladies out to your own city to do your prenatal bidding or work with them by phone.
Don’t think for a minute that these services take the fun out of getting ready for baby. More like they put the fun back in it. Trust me–you’ve got better things to lose sleep over than which infant bathtub is just right. So not fun. -Kristen
Use code "cmpgift" for a 15% discount on any Itsabelly services and organic products.


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