I nearly fell over when I received a birthday card from a friend of mine who had just had her baby one week prior. Heck. A week after having my baby I don’t think I was getting enough sleep to use a pen let alone get a card in the mail.
But now that I found the Card File from Cecily Ink, I think I discoveredmy friend’ssecret. This stylish card box comes fully stocked with 12 beautiful designs for birthdays, thank yous, and other events that require a handwritten note. They’re gorgeous too–some of the cards are even letterpress. So this is not like one of those cheesy jumbo card pack specials you get at Costco for a dollar. Still, the price is fantastic at just $25.Of course, now I won’t ever have any excuses for late cards.So much for riding the old postpartum excuse for the next few years.-Kristen
[Thanks Marti!]

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