One of the things we love about Cool Mom Picks is being able to track down Barney’s (or fill in your favorite high-end store here) quality items that you don’t have to hock your jewelry to afford.This is just how we feel about the vintage baby blanket collection from mom-run Mairzey Dotes. Owner/designer/mom Sarah Kronland handmakes beautiful blankets from charming vintage-inspired cotton fabrics and the softest chenille. The workmanship is really exquisite, and we’ve seen similar for a whole lot more money–these are just $49 for the large, $25 for the small. Scan the photo gallery for the best representation of the blankets. Then hurry and snap one up before Sarah gets wise and doubles her prices. Really. –LizUse code coolpicks for free shipping (paypal customers, enter it in the comments box at checkout)
Congrats to Karyn C who won a large blanket From Mairzey Dotes.


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