I’m all for hats on the wee ones. Warm heads are terribly important in cool weather and in the summer, no one wants a baby with a sunburned face. But why, oh why do baby hats have to be so terribly…well, babyish?
Enter these fabulousand uber popular J.Nicely hats from a partnership between Still Life NYC and CMP fave Sir Hayes, just for thebaby/tot set. They’re reversible, totally hip, and thankfully without weird top knots or large floppy brims. And who doesn’t love seersucker on little guys for the summer?
This is a limited edition design, so I suggest you snatch one up quickly (scroll down to "specialty items" in the menu). Chances are the next time you’ll find such an awesomenon-baby baby hat is when your baby is a non-baby. -Kristen


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