I have never understood why sunblock is scented like pina coladas, particularly for kids. Do you really want your child smelling like a drunken cruise ship tourist stumbling around Key West?
Dr. T’s Supergoop! is my idea of the perfect sunblock. Along with all the qualities picky moms expect (waterproof, sweatproof, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and so on), it’s unscented. Plus it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel slimy like other suntan lotions. Even better, with a 30 SPF, I love that my brood can spend more time playing in the sun before I’ve got to chase them down for the dreaded sunscreen reapplication process. If you’re not lucky enough to live around the corner from Fred Segal in LA which carries Supergoop! you can always shop online and find everything from the mondo-sized pump to convenient little travel bottles of it. Now that’s my idea of the perfect shopping excursion for the perfect sunblock. –Julie
Happy first day of summer!
Congrats to Lindsay who won the A to Z from Dr T Kit from Supergoop.