I have a friend whose son sleeps with a plastic fish every night.
To each toddler his own and all, but if I were a babe picking a bedmate, I’d look at something a bit more un-plastic fishlike. Like, say, the blankets from Martha’s Baby Bundles.
As a full-time mom with a Masters in special ed, Martha Hoeppner knows the important of sensory stuff for kids. So she made her son her own adaptation of those mass produced blankets with all the tags on them. A sweeter, softer, hipper version. And of course, her little one absolutely loved it, so now she’s making her handmade one-of-a-kind blankets for us.
With cozy chenille on one side, funky vintage-inspired fabric on the other, and a variety of textured ribbons attached for little fingers to grab on to, it totally beats a plastic fish. I don’t care what that kid says. –Laura
Congrats to Rebecca S who won a blanket of her choice from Martha.


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