I’ve only been a parent two years and already I’m tired of hearing cartoon characters butchering classic kids’ music. I’m a firm believer that children can appreciate the tunes as they were intended to be heard–i.e. singers that don’t make you pray for an irreparable crack in the CD–if you just give them a chance. Which is why the CMP staff have always been such fans of the Putumayo Kids series of music.
The newest release, Animal Playground: Playful Tracks From Around the World, delivers delicious tracks from around the globe featuring animal themes. You’ll find ubpeat tunes from Brazil to Australia to the Netherlands, and even a little bluegrass ditty from the Wee Hairy Beasties, right out of Chicago, USA. The final track is a beautiful rendition of The Lion Sleeps tonight which meets my always high expectations from Ladysmith Black Mambazo.As a bonus, older kids will love the liner notes for each song which enlighten with fun tidbits like the meaning of "ants in your pants" or how to name all of Old McDonald’s animals in Italian.This is exactly the CD you want to grab for long car rides when whoops you accidentally left Dora Sings The Rolling Stones at home. –Liz