We’ve officially landed in drool central at my house, and while necessity has forced me past my bib aversion, it has not yet led me to one that makes drool look fabulous.
Until now. Meet my new obsession — the Dribbler from Cool Mom Picks favorite site Resa Design. They’re the perfect size for catching wayward saliva without covering your child’s entire body, and the vinyl back saves you from having to deal with a soaked bib and shirt. And of course, nary a "Mommy’s Little Bruiser" to be found; these are hip fabrics devoid of slogans that even I’d wear.
Bypass the light gun over at your favorite baby superstore and pick up a few of these instead. Or if you’re thinking $16 is a might pricy for a bib, then use her registry and get someone else to get it for you. Works for me. -Kristen


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