You can’t swing a loofa without hitting a specialty beauty product shop. With so many options, I thought I’d keep mine open, play the field. No settling down with one brand for me. Then I hooked me up with my destined spa product soul mate and things all changed.
Klean Bath & Body, you complete me.
This is 99 44/100 % pure, natural love in the form of luxe moisturizers and other scented goodies (love the Zen Tea and the Klean Grass scent is divine). But their signature sugar body polishes are the items not to be missed. They’re made with a base of fresh brown sugar and include fruit, coconut, and natural nut oils. They clean, they exfoliate, and if they’d only take out the trash and fix my computer, they’d be the ultimate catch.
Scents like bamboo, German chocolate cake and pink grapefruit-vanilla sound tempting, but I’m a fan of the classics myself. And my other soul mate’s classically trained sense of smell seemed to validate my choice. "Wow," he said last night. "You smell clean." Exactly. –Laura


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