Unwrapping the big box that had arrived in the mail last week, I was excited that one of my parents’ fancy uptown friends had sent me a spectacularly expensive looking layette for my new baby. I was mildly disappointed however when it struck me that it was not actually for me, but for you, dear readers–a box of samples from Chick Pea/Ana Soup.
This literal mom and pop operation spent more than a year scouring the planet for the best, softest, silkiest fabrics for their clothing, and boy did they score.
The boys’ clothes in particular are wonderful, including too-soft velour overalls and a hoodie lined with luscious brushed pima cotton with a traditional little car/boat/train motif. But if you’ve got a girlie girl in mind, you’re in luck too. The hat and bootie sets are too sweet for words, designed by shop owner Lula herself, then sent off to a trio of little old grandmothers (for real!) to handknit from luxe fabrics like merino, silk, and cashmere. The 7 item gift set in a keepsake box is $189, but for the quality, I expected it to be twice that. If you’ve got a new mom in mind with traditional sensibilities and ridiculous standards, you’ve found your shop. –Liz
Congrats to Abby S who won the girl’s layette.


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