Say what you like about my postpartum figure, but getting back in shape after pregnancy sucks and we all know it. Some parts will never look the same again without surgical intervention – like tummy wrinkles and those two "rocks in tube socks" – but that’s no excuse to ignore the muscles.
Check out Stroller Strides, an ideal way for new mothers to get out and about with their babies in tow. Classes are held at 300 locations in 30 states and include power walking and body toning all with your stroller in hand. Not only will you get a great workout, but finding camaraderie among new mothers can really boost your spirits. And even if you don’t have a new baby, the Stroller Strides website is a gateway to other great programs, like prenatal classes and LUNA Moms Clubs which connects mothers to make a difference in their communities.
Those peanut-butter Twix bars were irresistible for nine months. Good thing there’s an enjoyable way to get rid of the evidence. –Julie


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