I searched long and hard for the perfect diaper bag but oddly, I spent less energy on the stuff that actually goes inside it–you know, the things your baby actually comes in contact with, like the changing pad and those disposable wipe thingies I nicked from the hospital. Does that make any sense at all? If you want the inside of your bag to be as fab as the outside, invest in the collections from mom-owned Goober Baby which includes a changing pad and handy pouches. Created from the softest designer fabrics, they’re almost too nice to come anywhere near a poopy bum. And the mini vinyl totes are incredibly handy, especially for the careless bottle top tighteners like me.
Considering the price of a new diaper bag,chances are you don’t want the old one smelling like Desitin. Just a guess there. -Kriste
Congrats Juliet H-R. She won a collection of her very own!


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