Over the last weekend in July, the entire Cool Mom Picks staff were privileged to part of the amazing gathering of bloggers that was the BlogHer 2007 Conference in Chicago. While there, we figured what better way to get people to meet new bloggers than with a photo scavenger hunt?
And hunt they did. Congrats to Liz and Corinna, our first place winners, whose unparalleled efforts won them each the gooooorgeous Rian Grant Park Bag.
Close behind in second place are CPA Mom and Katie, who won an enviable shopping spree at Lucina. Third place winners Dana and Elizabeth will look stunning in their Blend Creations necklaces.
All this for just taking pictures. Ain’t America grand?
And huge thanks to the most awesome sponsors in the world – almost as good as Turtle Wax.-CMP Staff
[photo: Liz Rizzo]


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