I love that my daughter is getting into the idea of saving the loose change she finds, but man–when I bought that beautiful silver piggy bank for her as an infant, I never could have imagined that she’d grow up to walk around the house shaking it like a maracca at Mardi Gras.
Mostly when I’m on the phone. With work.
So when I caught the beautiful soft Animal Banks from UK based Cupcakes for Clara at Mahar Dry Goods, my right eyebrow shot high into the air. The little guys are beautifully (seriously) constructed from wool felt and stuffing, then finished with a button/ribbon closure for easy access to all that moolah without quite so much CLANG CLANG CLANG-ing.
They’re definitely on the splurgey side at $75, but my eardrums would beg to differ. –Liz


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