Children of the seventies: If you’ve ever crashed out in a bean bag chair in front of the Partridge Family, raise your hand. Yep, me too.
Those old vinyl bean bags may be classics, but they leaked pellets and your whole body would stick to the vinyl in the summer. Not exactly comfortable, even if we do remember them fondly. But Saltbox is making them with vast improvements on the vintage version, starting with a washable cotton canvas cover in cool retro prints that suit both kids rooms and living spaces. Also there’s an interior liner to keep that stuffing inside where it belongs.
Retail prices top $200 at Exit9 Gifts, but they’re durable enough that your kids will haul them off to their dorm rooms in 2022. And then they’ll be the ones reminiscing about crashing out in them in their youth in front of bad sitcoms. I mean… educational programming. Of course –Julie


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