We’ve all been huge admirers (slash patrons) of Lucina ever since we discovered their unbelievably gooooorgeous jewelry that just so happens to help make the word a better place. For real–Components of the jewelry come from artisans in developing countries who are paid fair wages for their work, which is then incorporated into stylish pieces by talented American jewelry designers.
Let’s just say this is no cheapie street fair jewelry.
This week, Lucina launched a new collection that’s hard to say no to. Because first, it’s stunning, and second, it’s part of a collaborative effort with non-profit Women For Women International: Hand-carved fluorite from women war survivors in Afghanistan are the centerpieces of these sterling earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are just chunky enough for Fall.
Jewelry has always made me happy. But wearing these pieces would make me proud. too. –Liz


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