I’m so over over-the-top birthday parties that are really all about the parents. Do you think a one year old has any idea that there’s a pony in the backyard? No, but the neighbors certainly do – and trust me, they’re not nearly as excited about it as you are.
Being a minimalist where it comes to children’s birthday parties, particularly those early ones, I applaud Lilybeans for creating these fabulous all-in-one party packs. Think: tasteful totally custom handmade invites, plates and cups, decorations, a memory book and goody bags, all coordinated to match. They’re festive without going overboard, and owner Gail Winters will work with you to customize your own pack. Then your only tasks will be to fill the goody bags and call the caterer.
Oh, and don’t forget to smile for the camera during the party. You’ll want photographic evidence of what a sane, reasonable mother you’ve always been. –Liz
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