Everyone knows that designing the nursery is one of the most painstaking endeavors of pregnancy. That is, the first nursery. Once you’re on your second kid you’re like, eh, this crib that someone left on the side of the road looks okay.
(No! I kid! You should never take home a used crib. You could throw out your back getting it up the stairs.)If you’re still on the anal phase of nursery decorating (and then, God bless you – it’s your right) you might consider taking a look at the Baby Spaces furniture from Design Yourself Interiors. It’s basically a series of templates made to actual size of baby furniture that you put on the ground to get a sense of how everything will lay out before you go and order it. Just like an expensive decorating pro would use.
It won’t stop you from buying an ugly glider, unfortunately. Baby steps. -Liz


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