The only upside to the drab colors of most car seats is that bodily fluids blend in well. Otherwise, ugh. I know safety is the first priority, but car seats look and feel as if they were fashioned from Aunt Martha’s ancient sofa. So while I can’t quite characterize car seat covers as a "must-have", they come pretty darn close.
The infant and toddler car seat covers from Babble Chic are about as far from ugly upholstery as you can get. Not only are the prints colorful and unique with motifs like splashy Hawaiian flowers or 50s muscle cars, but the craftsmanship of these covers is out of this world – lined and quilted, with incredible attention to detail. Even a handy pouch on the back of the infant car seat, since so many new moms use theirs as stroller seats.
These covers aren’t cheap – e-tailer Zack and Zoe Kids sells the infant covers for $138. But if you’ve ever had an unexpected event on a cross-country trip involving violently expelled bodily fluids, you’ll agree that an easily laundered cover is more than worth its price. –Julie
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