It’s not everyone who can pull off a single strand of choker-length pearls. Maybe the hoity-toity fashion editors of the world disagree (and I’ve seen them say as much) but without that neat little bob and the Connecticut zip code to match, you might prefer something a little more shiny.
The line of silver beaded necklaces from designer and mom Nicole Vasquez presents some nice affordable option swhen you want something simple and timeless around the neck without going too traditional. At just $45, the Little Letter necklace is a great value. It incorporates a sweet, subtle little initial bead and would look great layered over a second necklace – something to consider, moms of two?
I also like the Elizabeth Necklace (shown here) which at $180 is the most expensive piece in her collection. That happens to me a lot. Hm. –Liz


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