So what do you do when you’re a cool, happening, Brooklyn gig poster designer and you find yourself about to have your first kid? Well you don’t hit the mall for nursery posters, that’s for sure; you make your own. Then you print some more so other people can buy them. Then you tell Cool Mom Picks about it.

Introducing Jon Setzen, the talent behind Standard Motion design studio, and now one of the freshest alphabet posters we’ve seen lately. Jon took a break from creating work for the likes of Frank Black and Built to Spill to focus on the lucky children of the world. The result: 26 quirky, hand-drawn images that would look great hanging over any boys crib. Including that of Jon’s own boy, who’s on his way in a few weeks.

Any volunteers to tell him he should be sleeping now instead of designing? –Liz 

Congrats to Tara S who won her own alphabet poster.


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