I’m taking a stand on behalf of my bigger-boobed sisters out there: Where are the freaking DD nursing bras? And I mean the decent ones that hold the girls high and proud – not the ones you’re dying to toss the second you wean.

Allow me to share with you the secret that’s making its way around the CMP staff: The padded nursing bras from Bella Materna. Don’t let the word “padded” scare you away. These underwire, soft-cupped beauties look smooth under tees, with the thickness you need to keep that nursing pad from showing through. (Which it does. Even if you say it doesn’t.) And they really truly have the support of a non-nursing bra.

By the way, I originally ordered them too small – they run true to size and I was cheating – and customer service rocked it with the returns.

Stand up for your right to wear a functional, flattering nursing bra, my friends, and stock up. It’s hard enough spending months, um…deflated. Your ego doesn’t need to follow suit. –Liz


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