The belly-baring maternity trend has to go down as one of the single worst ideas ever. Or maybe I’m just bitter because I did not have that cute little bump worth baring. If you think I’m wrong, go enjoy your size 0 hoochie-wear (Bitter! I told you!) and leave the rest of us in peace with our Blush Topless Undershirts.

You heard me: Topless undershirts. In other words, a layering piece under your tees, over your open button-flies. They are super soft and comfy, not at all girdle-like. More like a slouchy tube top. They’re also great for belly-hiding in those early postpartum months if you’re nursing.

There are 11 solids and three patterns, like the floral shown here. For just 15 bucks each, I’d pick up two or three and double my maternity wardrobe.

And if you’re not pregnant, you’re in luck – they make them for you too. Because belly-baring post-maternity wear would probably be the other worst idea ever. –Liz

Congrats to winner Stacie H!


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