So you work in interior design, you’ve got all these gorgeous fabric scraps lying around – what do you do with them? Well me, I’d be like, "Hey, someone get over here and clean up all these fabric scraps!" But if you’re Daina Levine, you go and make some seriously beautiful handbags, form a company, then name it after your daughter, Jenna Claire.

The workmanship of these fabric bags is impressive. While each one is cut to order and hand tailored, they don’t have those crooked label/wobbly hem indicators that handmade bags often do. The totes and diaper bags are particularly appealing, including the Baby I’m Yours messenger-style diaper bag with its water-repellent interior, a few handy pockets, and room galore. Haute Mama is a bit smaller, and can convert to a cool laptop bag post-baby. And the Cabana Tote (shown here) is a great option if you’ve got a beach trip coming up.

Even better, starting this week the site has added a custom feature, so you can pick any bag you’d like in a choice of fabrics, and even add features that are most useful to you.

There are smaller styles, of course. But show me a mom who can walk out of the house with just her keys and a lipstick dangling from a little wristlet, and I’ll show you a woman whose kid is home with the sitter. –Liz

Congrats to Jenna Claire bag winner Shannon S.

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