As a first-time homeowner, I’m faced with the new and daunting challenge of decorating my kids’ rooms. I’ve weighed all my options: Wallpaper? Heck no. Murals? You obviously haven’t seen me draw. Decals it is!

And so when the new wall images from one of our favorite designers, Mel Lim, popped into my inbox, I was ever so grateful. Known for exquisite stationery, Mel Lim has created an equally sophisticated series of six wall art designs for Blik, the chic parent’s go-to spot for wall graphics.

Some, like hare hopping take more design know-how than others (with results to match). But the flying paper planes can not be messed up, even by me. They come in a choice of colors to transform our "New House Tan" painted walls, and start at a very reasonable $35.

Nothing about decorating a new home beautifully costs $35. Nothing. –Kristen


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