Recently I mentioned having discovered that the beloved Lincoln Logs of my youth are now mass produced in China, and a savvy reader pointed me towards Roy Toy. Score!

If you’ve got a budding Bob the builder (or Brayden or Bianca) on your hands, I can’t imagine he wouldn’t love the Roy Toy log camp sets. They were first made in Maine in the 1930s by Roy Dennison and now, two generations later, his grandson is continuing the tradition. The company continues to employ hand-cut pine logs stained with non-toxic dyes that fit together tightly and beautifully.

The prices feel out of the prewar era too, with 70-piece playsets just $15.  That might just be the best real estate deal on the planet. –Liz

[thanks audrey] 

For more awesome wood toys, check out the CMP Safer Toy Guide if you haven’t already. (You haven’t? Really? Is that even possible?)


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