While I want to reduce the number of chemicals in and around my kids these days, I still want to get them dressed in the morning and think "Cute!" before I think "Organic!"

Which is why Scout is a label worth knowing about.

Mom Mimi Leinbach’s vibrant baby tees, bodysuits and pants feature unique appliqués and hand embroidery from Peruvian artisans, with her designs inspired by images like Tibetan clouds or the origami peace crane. Okay, so the concepts might be a bit esoteric for all but fans of Whale Rider, but the results are not – well-styled kids duds from a beyond silky organic pima cotton that’s all very mix and match and practical. Hook your kid up with a pair of pants or two, grab a few tees and you’re set. 

Plus it will sound cool when someone says, hey what’s that thing on your kid’s shirt? And you get to answer, "Oh, you know…Maori whale legend." –Liz

 Use code "coolmom" for free shipping!

Congrats to winner Dana S.!


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