My son has decided he wants to be a pirate. For Halloween. And for a living. This is in large part because recently he’s become the star of a wonderful personalized book called Here There Be Pirates from Flatten Me.

Just seeing his cute little face immortalized in a store-quality printed pirate adventure makes him want to major in plundering and pillaging. But when I think about it, isn’t that what reading is all about? Putting yourself in different shoes and situations?

Mom of four and entrepreneur Margo Redfern gets this. She knows if kids are personally invested in books, they tend to really enjoy the ride. She experienced this first-hand when her husband created a photo book of their daughter, who loved the book so much, she slept with it. So now Margo makes them for other people’s kids too, encouraging them to read as they literally see themselves as a gender neutral fairy, or even just a kid who manages to go on the potty.

Now this mama eagerly awaits a title about a Nobel Prize winner. –Laura


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