That stage between baby food and fully independent dining (you know, with utensils and napkins and food that’s actually ingested) can be pretty awkward as I’ve now learned twice. Not only are toddlers not yet adept at transporting the food from plate to mouth, they tend to be annoyingly picky.

With the toughest mini critics in mind, mom Jill Litwin created a company named, cleverly, Peas of Mind featuring a prepared food called Puffets – microwaveable little single-serve casseroles made with organic, kid-friendly ingredients like carrot risotto and black bean polenta.

Whether kids use their fingers or practice with a fork, Puffets should have them happily and healthily noshing instead of whining for chips or chicken nuggets. Or so parents hope. If you’re not lucky enough to live on the West Coast where they’re available in stores, get a few right online. –Julie


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