There’s been quite a bit of buzz among parents lately about whether hiding healthy foods in other foods is the right thing to do. For those who prefer to keep nutrients in plain view of the family, I’ve found a great resource in the Smart Foods Healthy Kids web site.

The site is not secretly run by some manufacturer or trade association (yay!) but by well-qualified mom of two and environmental expert Kelly Corbet, along with a great team that strives to teach parents how to introduce more healthful habits to the family using the guidelines "yummy, fun, and guilt-free." About $1 a month provides access to the site’s wealth of recipes, articles, and video features, including tips for feeding kids with diabetes, celiac disease, and allergies.

With much of their content in 1-to-3 minute video segments, I can learn all about healthy food choices in about the amount of time it takes to polish off a can of Pringles.

Plus, it’s not just for the kids. Now that I’m on the other side of 29 (heh) and finding it harder to maintain my girlish figure, I’m going to kick off my new and improved lifestyle by preparing some of that zucchini hummus on the site followed by a fabulous dessert for Thanksgiving: Low-sugar, gluten-free custard baked in mini pumpkins. Rachel Ray, eat your heart out. –Nancy 

Congrats to our ten lucky winners: Jana T, Jeannine L, Kerry M, Kim, Kimberly E, Kraig H, Marie L, Nancy H, Nicole P, and Sarah H!


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