I think we can all conjure up a few music artists today whose tunes are snappy, but whose life choices and lyrics might be a little, um… toxic. That’s why I dig the idea of cartoon character pop stars. For starters, their managers can make sure they’re focusing on the music. Plus, if they get out of line, no one will draw them in the next album.

Meet The Blankies, the latest group in the toddler-rock invasion, featuring four "members" who each sing and play God only knows how many instruments. Each singer has a style and personality of his or her own which takes their sound all over the place – pop, adult contemporary, electronic and r&b, maybe more.

The Beatles had the White Album. The Blankies have the Peace album, the Learn album, and the Action album with lyrics written to help educate, recreate and enlighten, you know, to cover the stuff real rock and rollers need to know. Plus, their album art is as cool as the community work they do, providing free music and education to schools in need of music and arts resources. 

The music is definitely more for kids than for you but that’s okay considering what they’re singing about – let’s just say more robots. Less paparazzi. –Laura

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