I used to say that I’d never lie to my child. But the older he got, and the more obsessed he became with watching registered trademark cartoon characters, the more often I’ve found myself saying, "Sorry honey, the television is broken again." 

BOB gets that and has my back. See, BOB is this cool little time manager gadget that connects to the TV, computer, or video games to keep track of time. You just program the hourly, daily or weekly limits, and once kids reach those, BOB goes right on ahead and shuts off the screen.

You can even manage time spent for up to six kids and shut off certain hours of the day. I mean – not you. BOB is doing it. Make him the bad cop to your good cop. Or better yet, explain it to your kids and get them in on the decision making.

The whole process only took me a few minutes. Less minutes that it usually takes me to pry a screaming son away from rhyming, primary colored cartoon characters. I’d say that’s $99 well spent. –Laura

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Congratulations to winner Lora W!


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