Everyone knows that babies go nuts for tags, but not everyone loves the mass produced tag blankets made from synthetic materials. (Raising hand here.) In which case, the Grabby Taggy pillows from the wonderful shop, Nico & Zoe might be more your style.

We found them under the boutique’s lovely Made in the USA section, and indeed they are. Handmade in Seattle by Nico & Zoe owner Pamela herself, they’re formed from vintage and new fabrics and backed with super soft fuzzy goodness.

As far from mass as it can get, each one is absolutely one of a kind. So if you love the retro Baby Bear (shown here) or the mod Funky Flowers, I suggest you snap it up now before someone else does. For just $14, if you don’t have a baby it’s perfect for now, someone you know certainly will soon. Such as these baby things go. –Liz

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