Living far from friends and family means that the holiday card has the burden of making up for a whole lot of missed milestones. But who can pick just one picture to represent a whole year’s worth of cuteness? Well, now you don’t have to thanks to Ringobaby‘s brilliant solution: The CD Cover Holiday Card.

While mom/owner Kristen Ringo promotes them as a great way to send along that holiday mix CD (all tunes legally downloaded, of course), we say consider it for a CD full of pics. She’ll customize the front and inside with photos, like a regular card. Then you load up all your favorite snaps from the year, add some music if you’re fancy, stick it in the card slot and ship them off to your entire holiday card list. Or heck, at least to the grandparents. If they’re computerized, you’ll make their year. -Kristen 

Congratulations to winner Nissa H!


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