With Baby #1, I made the mistake that some parents do with gear, putting aesthetics ahead of practicality. Let’s just say that a cream-colored cashmere cardigan on a baby is only worth it if it’s $7.99 at Daffy’s, and that a gray flannel sling in the summer is just stupid.

So this time around, I’ve been sticking with more products that work as they should, and DaBib has been right there with me for the ride.

The defining characteristic of the two styles, Giggles and Hugs (okay, so it’s a bit cutesie) is this very smart scrunchy collar – sort of like a super-soft terry turtleneck – to keep strained prunes from seeping down the neckline and onto whatever cute onesie hides underneath. The difference in styles is that Giggles is made of all wipe-down poly, while Hugs is reversible to the pastel terry. Your pick. There’s even a handy pocket on each to catch whatever crumbs you don’t.

Is DaBib a "designer" bib? Not really. Do I care? Not really. –Liz

3 or more bibs gets you free shipping with code (drumroll…) FREE SHIPPING 


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